The Duterte Doctrine

A long time ago, I was mugged in Manila. They took all my money and credit cards. The incident left me in a helpless state as I ended up on the hospital bed at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). That is nothing compared to what the criminals did to a seventeen-year-old girl in the Philippines... Continue Reading →


The Lost Story of Santa Elena

Thanks to social media. As I was discussing about the old Spanish settlements of San Agustin and Santa Fe, one reader replied that I should also take a look at Santa Elena. Santa Elena what? I didn't know about that early settlement but I soon began browsing the internet for the location in South Carolina.... Continue Reading →

Oh Humans…

I am a big fan of National Geographic and Animal Planet. I especially like weird and unbelievable animal traits and their predatory behavior of killing each other for food. Some would think I like watching disgusting shows but if you look very closely humans are no different. In fact, MORE disgusting. As beings on top... Continue Reading →

Did We Fail Our Fellow Human Beings?

Cruising along the Rhine River in Germany, I was awed by the spectacular scenery - small villages, beautiful rolling hills, vineyards and small structures. Most of all, I was amazed by the sight of castles after castles along the length of the river. My mind flew back and wonder what could have been the life... Continue Reading →

The First Filipinos in America

I have read an article a long time ago about the Indian headdress in Louisiana being eerily similar to the ones worn by the Igorots of the Philippines Mountain Province. Last week, a local in New Orleans confirmed that Filipinos are indeed a big part of Louisiana's history. Apparently, there were early settlements most notably... Continue Reading →

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